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Hello!  I would totally apologize for not being on here writing more often, but every time I have had time to write, I have been focusing on my main project.  Although I completely changed the idea and format of my story, it is sticking to the original ideals that I wanted to portray.  I am well over halfway done with the rough draft, and looking forward to rounding it off this next week.  Once this is finished, I am looking at how to format and compile the cover, the manuscript, and the images into book format.  This is a huge learning experience, and I’m looking for a finished product rather than perfection.  It’s one thing to have something perfect in every single way, and it’s quite another to have something completely finished and done to the best of your ability.  I am going for having everything done to the best of my ability, and that’s it.

So yes, although I haven’t been able to publish here as often as I would wish to, I am continuing to write quite a bit on a daily basis.  Keeping up my creativity through working on this story, and on this blog is really helping.  I have ideas and story mechanics that pop into my head almost hourly.  I am learning when I don’t need to add any more ideas to a concept, and when an idea needs more concepts than what it has.  Thanks for the read, and I will try my best to keep things going on this end and keep you all updated!  – Mark

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