Writing Drills: Another paragraph!

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Drossifer Soggraggan was having a bad day.  Not that he believed that one particular day could be entirely bad of course, but if there was a bad day to be had, today was the day.  One of his bears had broken free if its cage and entered a noblewoman’s carriage not one minute after he had opened that morning.  Shortly after the ordeal was sorted, a masked man had barged into his shop, gun in hand, and lifted nearly one thousand snogins from Soggraggan’s pockets.  Drossifer had scurried away from his shop as soon as possible to report the theft, when he heard a scream.  He looked into the sky.  The sun was very temporarily obscured by a boat.  A skyship was hurtling out of the air, free falling in a spiral towards the streets.  Drossifer felt reassured that after this morning, at least he wouldn’t be crushed by a runaway skyship.  That was just a moment before he realized where the hurtling piece of garbage was headed.

He sprinted around the corner of Singlelane and Hovgaurd just in time to witness his entire shop crushed beneath the wooden monstrosity.  He howled, sprinting as fast as his tiny little legs would carry him.  Blood oozed from underneath the stern, and feathers floated in the air.  Something squealed.  It was at that moment, that Drossifer Soggraggan decided to go home as he was likely to be at the butt end of any more trouble that was to happen that day.  He did console himself however, that at least he had been outside of his shop during the incident.  And, as much as he hated himself for it, somewhere in his heart he thanked the masked man for frisking him of his one thousands snogins.  He was alive, so that was something to be thankful for.


Captain Krognorfak was unprepared for the sudden death of one of his horses.  The poor thing’s heart just couldn’t keep up with the drain on it’s health.  Of course, it wasn’t an unusual happening, many horses weren’t ready for the strain of fueling a massive skyship with it’s own blood and spirit.  That was why backup horses were always at the ready, pinned down with knives to their throats just in case one of their compatriots failed.  It just so happened however, that this such horse was, indeed, the backup.

It took a minute after the ship began to sink for Captain Kroghnorfak to decide that help wasn’t coming and to promptly abandon his boat, leaping into the air and freefalling into a pond far below.  As it was, he would count the ship as a loss and forget about it.  It would probably fall quite soon, hopefully landing in a secluded area.  Oh well, it wasn’t his problem anymore.  He splashed into the water and waded out, stepping his haughty way into the woods.  The skydocks were nearby, thank the North, otherwise it might have been a very long afternoon indeed.




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