Why so many goodbyes? (The Last Goodbye: The Hobbit)

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The Middle-Earth journey is almost over

Here are my thoughts upon listening to The Last Goodbye, sung by the actor whom played Pippin in the original trilogy.  The song was written for the ending credits of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.  You can listen to the song here if you haven’t heard it already.  These are my feelings after just hearing the song, and then listening to it repeatedly for over an hour.

The whole Lord of the Rings journey is almost over.  More than a decade of movies and lore is nearing an end.  Does anyone else realize how sad this is?  Were talking more upsetting than Harry Potter.  This is worse than finishing all the Ender’s Game books.  This is bigger than the Wheel of Time.  Whenever an epic artist such as Peter Jackson has to say goodbye to such a huge part of their lives, they try to make it as fantastic a goodbye as possible.  I believe that in each of the movies in the Hobbit trilogy, the closing songs have been what’s kept me going until the next movie.  And now, this is it.  This is the final song.  The final movie.  Peter Jackson is dismissing years of his life with one song, and its an amazing song.

Peter Jackson must say goodbye to so much that he loves.
Peter Jackson must say goodbye to so much that he loves with only one song

But let’s go back to the end of the beginning, when we first saw the credits of An Unexpected Journey.  Remember how happy the ending was?  We were all awed and excited.  We had so much to look forward too, so much discovery in our future.  Now, two years later, we won’t have anything in the “Hobbit” world to look forward too.  But that’s really just it.  We won’t have anything in the world of Middle-Earth left for us to find, but we will have our lives ahead of us.  That is why this final ending is going to completely devastate us and motivate us.  We are saying goodbye to Lord of the Rings, Middle-Earth, Peter Jackson, the actors, the characters, the elves and the dwarves, the humans and orcs.  We are bidding a sad farewell to them, and they to us.  The line of The Last Goodbye that says “I won’t forget those whom took this road with me” is one of the most amazing parts of that song.  Peter Jackson is bidding farewell, not only to the movies and art, but to all of us whom have been with him from the start and to the end.  There is so much to take in when listening to this song.

This ending song is called The Last Goodbye.  You know what that says?  It says that this is it.  There is no more. This is the final movie, the final song, the final ending credits, the final masterpiece.  You can’t just sum that all up in one song.  And yet, that’s what has been done.  This four minutes and seven seconds of “very fond farewell” is a tear jerking and mesmerizing piece of work.  And the title of the song wraps up the whole Lord of the Rings journey.  There are so many analogies that can be made, yet so few.  The many meanings that there are don’t compare, and the rest fade away, in comparison to what this song is dedicated too.  You know how many hours that have been put into this series?  How much heartache and dedication it takes?  This is how Peter Jackson will be remembered.  This is how his art is going to be viewed for generations to come.  He has to say goodbye to all of that.  He has to leave all of it and move along with is life.  He has to turn his back on years and years of his life.  He has to say goodbye.  And he says goodbye with, what is quite literally The Last Goodbye.  I hate this, and love this.  I love this because he recognizes that this is it, and he wants to majestically bid farewell.  I honestly hate this because it means that we have to sit there and watch this farewell from our theater seats all across the world.  Millions of us are going to say goodbye to Jackson’s masterpiece.  We all are going to be forced to move on.  We have no choice.  There will be nothing left to see, and nothing about Middle-Earth in our foreseeable future.  After the credits role, this song is going to be with us for as long as we can remember.  We aren’t going to forget The Hobbit and our wonderful Peter Jackson for a long, long time.


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