Technical errors and more on China!

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I had several posts that I had written the past week and a half, however, I had saved them as drafts instead of posting them.  This wasn’t on purpose, but entirely an accident!  I just released one small update, but I think the rest can just wait.  Sorry about that!

I am planning on returning to China this October and November, either for eight or six weeks.  I’m continuing with Chinese, and I’m very gradually but steadily increasing my knowledge of how to speak their language!  I believe that being over there will help immensely.  I will, Lord willing, be able to spend much more time in China than I did on my last trip.  Being around Mandarin for that duration of time is going to be a huge for my learning, as well as my creativity.  I’m going to be writing a lot more, as I’ll be more prepared and ready for what I’ll be doing.  Last trip was more of a warm-up for what’s to come, and I’m super excited about what the future has in store!

Writing is going well, and I’m hoping to be publishing stories soon.  I’m looking for a plot idea that I can stick with and grow through just as I did the previous few months.  Please stick with me, as we’re in for some exciting new things the next couple of years!

Thank you!  Mark

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