I believe that we need to be reminded of what our freedom costs.

I really do.  Having just finished Saving Private Ryan, I decided I have several thoughts that I wanted to share.  The first of which, is that I bawled.  I really did.  For the first time in months, I completely broke down.  It wasn’t even necessarily because the movie was sad, but because of how much that the generation of WWII gave for us.  The horrors they experienced, their bravery, their iron will.  The thought that anyone would give their lives just so that I would have the freedom to write and say anything I want leaves me without words.  Thousands of men gave up their lives and families for us.  What kills me is the lack of appreciation and respect that my generation has for those whom have served our country in the past and present.  We can’t simply brush of veterans of war, or have a party for them on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  I don’t believe that that will suffice in the least.  A mere 69 years ago, soldiers were dying on the shores and lands of Europe to keep us free.  It seems that it has taken us much less than that to forget just how much of a price that we have paid for our rights.  I never quite understood just how high the price of freedom was until now.  These men gave everything from their bodies, to their souls, hearts and minds to rid the world of evil, and we only take two days out of our year to celebrate them?  Is our lack of appreciation so low that we can’t do more?  I honestly feel ashamed that we take so much for granted.  I am even more ashamed at our government.  Hundreds of thousands of our boys gave their lives for our country, and now our politicians could care less what happens to our nation.  They would let go of all that our older generation has bought us, simply to fill their own pockets and secure another paycheck.

Saving Private Ryan has snapped me back to the reality of what freedom costs

To be honest, the fact that this happens hurts a lot.  One cannot simply watch Saving Private Ryan without feeling this way.  I am going to make much more of an effort to reach out to veterans that I see, and even find ones that can’t get out of their homes, and thank them for their service.  I realize that this is probably a bit off topic of a normal post, and doesn’t have much to do with books or anything, but I really have a lot on my mind at this point.  I have made a new goal for later down the line, which is to bring more attention to veterans, and write a novel as stirring as Saving Private Ryan and draws more attention to our veterans.  Although this idea is farther on down the list, I’ll have a hard time getting it off of my mind until I finish it up.

Thanks of the read, and if you haven’t watched Saving Private Ryan, be sure and do so!

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