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Revelation is a fascinating book of the Bible.  As a christian, I find that there is something riveting about the book.  It’s about the world ending, it speaks of the future and of how God will judge us.  It’s incredible to read all that is planned for the earth, even through the obscure writing.  Because of the clouds surrounding the meanings within Revelation, it is the cause of dispute and discussion among Christians and non-believers alike.  Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts of the book.  Although there is so much that we don’t know about the book of Revelation, we can all agree that the book contains life applications.

One of the recent verses I discovered was Revelation 3:2, which says: Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God. (ESV).  Although it is talking to the church in Sardis , I find it to be a very motivating and stirring verse.  To me, this means that we must “strengthen what remains”, take whatever we have left and stand firm in Christ.  I know that I may not have the translation correct, but this is how the verse speaks to me.  God isn’t finished with any of us.  We have no right to be lackadaisical in our faith or our Christianity.  God is speaking, commanding us to dig deeper into his word and do his bidding, for our works are not complete.  The King James Version says in the same passage, that our works are not “perfect” in the sight of God.  We must strengthen what remains and is about to die, as what Christ has in store for our lives is not complete and perfect.

This is single-handedly one of the most inspiring verses that I have read as of late.  If God was done with us, we would be dead.  However depressing and dark that sounds, it is true.  If God had no more use for us, and we had no purpose to being here on this earth, I believe that He would bring us home.  We don’t have any choice but to strengthen what is left and wholly follow him.

Once again, forgive me if I have this meaning completely misconstrued, but this meaning struck me as I read this verse.  Let me know what this verse says to you!

Thanks, Mark

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  1. To me it is also an encouraging verse. As I see many families falling apart, I can continue to help those that want to receive help instead of focusing on those that will not.

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