Placing inhabitants and names in a fantasy world

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The past couple of weeks I’ve begun work on a high/dark fantasy story.  I have had the idea in my head for a little over a year now, but I had yet to begin fleshing it out until recently.  I’ve done some work on worlds such as this before, but not enough that I was worried about the names of characters, places, and beings in the world.  I can’t simply give everything names that we are familiar with, as that takes away from the mystery and uniqueness of the world.  However, I can’t give them outrageous names that mean absolutely nothing.  I have been examining some of the Chinese culture, and looking for names that have to do with fantasy, demons, and dragons.  This would provide me with some unique names that I’m sure are at least a tiny bit original.  While the actual words won’t be the same as in Mandarin, they would have some background in those origins.  At the same time I don’t want the names to sound Chinese or American.  I want them to sound as if they belong in a harsh apocalyptic-fantasy world with magic and swords and gigantic wolves.  It’s going to be a difficult balance, and to be honest, may not even work out.

I want to have some different races as well.  Not so much different races of beings that inhabit the world, but instead different races of people.  The magic that inhabits the world is very, very potent, and I’m thinking that some of the greatest magicians of the realm would be able to, at some point, alter humans and create a race of his/her own.  This would put many different inhabitants in different places around the planet.  Because of the potency of the magic, it would mean that some kingdoms would have certain rules and govern themselves accordingly, while other kingdoms would succumb to many different rulers as one by one anyone whom was powerful enough staged a rebellion.  Where magic is the most potent, I think this world is going to be most complex.  The overall theme of the magic is very dark, as the magic requires that everything is paid by a very steep price.  Those that meddle with it are messing about with things they don’t understand, and that also throws many ideas into the whole story.  The availability of magic and how things work is actually pretty cool if I do say so myself!

I’ll post a bit of what I’ve got here in a day or two!  Thanks!!  Mark

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