Parallel stories and interesting thoughts

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I have had in my mind something that I have deemed important enough to write about.  I can’t get over the fact that people will be rebellious, even when the facts are right in there face.  Even when those that are older than them are showing them whats wrong, or their issues, they choose to ignore them.  As I was thinking about this, I had a thought.  I have been writing about an island on and off the past week or two, and I came across several parallels between this island and real life.  I had a young leader, as well as an old leader on this island.  They would tell their people what they should do, give advice, and generally oversee the people.  However, at one point in my writing, these people disobeyed.  Here is a short couple of paragraphs detailing what went down:


The evening of September 11th, Year 16

I’ve missed write a couple of days now, so I apologize for that. Tempers are flaring at the slightest thing, and we suffered several deaths. I didn’t know them that well, but it has us all on edge. The lack of rain and the dry ground caused some of us to dig for a well. It was said that they managed to dig to over thirty yards down before it caved in. One of the Eldest have always ruled that no wells were to be dug, so we are considering this punishment for what they did. We marked the depression were they are lying with five wooden crosses.

The afternoon of September 12th, Year 16

The well that our lost friends attempted to dig has begun working. One of our younger men ran down to our homes from the western village saying that the water was coming up from the attempted well. Our Eldest and Youngest sprinted ahead of us all the way there. Almost two dozen of us were surrounding it by the time we got there. Water filled the depression in the sugary sand. However, a foul smell rose from the water. Evidently, the rotting flesh beneath the water was polluting it. None of us dared to try and drink. We needed it so bad, and yet the water would kill any who drank of it. For the first time, I witnessed one of our Eldest cry. Our saving grace is so close, yet so far. We tried to boil the water, and clean it, but to no avail. It’s as if something is keeping the water undrinkable. Those that are more spiritual than others are blaming spirits of the dead or demons. I don’t know what to think.


Although this is a very rough draft, I immediately pulled out how allegorical this could be.  Incorporating all of this into a real story, and running it in the same book as another story would by interesting.  Although I am in the middle of another series, these ideas have been captivating.  I’m quite interested in seeing where this all leads!

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