Just thought that I would give a quick update here.  I’ll be leaving for China for a month on April 8th, and returning May, 6th.  Although I will be in Hong Kong and the surrounding areas, I will continue to write here as well as begin another story that I am planning as I write this.  Although I can’t say yet the specifics of what the novelette will be about, I believe that it is going to be even better than my first.  I’ll be…Continue Reading “China trip!”

So no less than fifteen minutes ago, I came up with what I have deemed a good ending to my first story.  Well, a “good ending” may be too strong, but it is an ending nevertheless.  I’ve struggled the past week or so with rounding it out, and I’ve been working on this specific story now for about two months.  Given that it is my first ever attempt and I actually haven’t spent tons and tons of time on it, I believe that this rough…Continue Reading “Finishing a story… Why endings?”

Okay.  So I’ve been progressing fairly well with my attempt at publishing a novelette of some sort.  This is sort of another update, plus some thoughts that I have about characters. Alright.  Essentially, this is farther than I’ve ever carried a story before.  As this is all new territory for me, things are going a bit slow at times.  However, at other times, I will sit down and write and write and write without a hiccup.  As it is, I’m working on ways to plot…Continue Reading “My obsession with deep characters (and having too many ideas)”

Okay, so by now you probably all know that I love Brandon Sanderson.  I was a huge fan of his first novel in The Reckoners series Steelheart, and I had to read the sequel.  So I recently purchased his novel Firefight via Kindle-eBook format, and read it promptly thereafter.  On a side note, it was an awesome way to start off my reading year!  I’ve been super busy, and I’ve gone from reading the usual 5-25 books a month to reading only when I get…Continue Reading “Firefight (Another Brandon Sanderson review)”

Hello!  I would totally apologize for not being on here writing more often, but every time I have had time to write, I have been focusing on my main project.  Although I completely changed the idea and format of my story, it is sticking to the original ideals that I wanted to portray.  I am well over halfway done with the rough draft, and looking forward to rounding it off this next week.  Once this is finished, I am looking at how to format and…Continue Reading “Writing update!”

I have had in my mind something that I have deemed important enough to write about.  I can’t get over the fact that people will be rebellious, even when the facts are right in there face.  Even when those that are older than them are showing them whats wrong, or their issues, they choose to ignore them.  As I was thinking about this, I had a thought.  I have been writing about an island on and off the past week or two, and I came across several parallels between this island and real life.  I had a young leader, as well as an old leader on this island.  They would tell their people what they should do, give advice, and generally oversee the people.  However, at one point in my writing, these people disobeyed.  Here is a short couple of paragraphs detailing what went down:

Continue Reading "Parallel stories and interesting thoughts"
For Today and War of Ages – heavy concert time!

  For Today, War of Ages, Phinehas and Silent Planet – concert time! This last Saturday, I had the opportunity to see For Today and War of Ages up in Jacksonville at the Murray Hill Theater.  Unbeknownst to me, this event that I assumed would be about 3 hours long, ended being a festival of sorts that lasted from 12 PM to 11:15 PM.  There were a bunch of local getups, as well as bands with more of a following such as Traitors, Phinehas, and…Continue Reading “For Today and War of Ages – heavy concert time!”

Okay.  So the past couple of weeks I have been really deep into world building.  There are two things I am going to talk about in this article.  Both of them are very large parts of the world that I have built.  The first, is what one of the main parts of the story are going to revolve around.  The second is also what another part of the story will revolve around, but is of another nature entirely. First of all, I wanted a world…Continue Reading “Explaining world mechanics”

Skin Deep audiobook review – A Brandon Sanderson story Several weeks ago, the Skin Deep audiobook was released for free.  Having loved Legion when I read it, I couldn’t wait to read/listen to its sequel.  Now I have very rarely considered purchasing or listening to an audiobook, but this time, I wanted to try it out.  My first thought was that the reader did a fantastic job.  It was all very professional sounding, and the reader held my attention with little difficulty.  What I did…Continue Reading “My thoughts on audiobooks: Skin Deep by Brandon sanderson”

OmmWriter – A review

OmmWriter – A fantastic writing environment I recently began looking for a writing environment that would suit my needs.  What I wanted, was a program that would center everything around the text.  It wouldn’t goof around with text sizing, spelling and grammatical errors, or any of the other hindrances that appear whenever I attempt to write with any of the standard programs.  Upon searching the interwebs, I came across OmmWriter.  It’s a program that takes writing back to the essentials.  A simple background with minimalist menus,…Continue Reading “OmmWriter – A review”