In between working and studying Chinese, I’m trying to keep up my writing.  While I was writing this afternoon, I noticed that I have yet to actually share something of quality that I have written.  So here is something I wrote the other day, just exploring some different ways of saying things, different ways of writing out fantasy and some stuff I’d never tried before.  Although it’s a bit rough around the edge, it is along the lines of what I prefer to write and…Continue Reading “Afternoons of writing”

I had several posts that I had written the past week and a half, however, I had saved them as drafts instead of posting them.  This wasn’t on purpose, but entirely an accident!  I just released one small update, but I think the rest can just wait.  Sorry about that! I am planning on returning to China this October and November, either for eight or six weeks.  I’m continuing with Chinese, and I’m very gradually but steadily increasing my knowledge of how to speak their…Continue Reading “Technical errors and more on China!”

The past few days I have been relearning much of what I already knew from taking Chinese in high school.  I have learned many new words as well, and different sentences, so I think that all of what I know about Chinese will blend together nicely with this course.  I’m going over drinks and how to order them right now, which is honestly something huge that you should know if you’re visiting China.  There are fewer English speakers then you would think, and so communicating is…Continue Reading “Greetings and drinks… Again”

So as of this week, I am back to studying Chinese.  I’m using the Rocket Chinese courses, as they seem to be the best for what I need.  Once I feel that I am much more sufficient in the language, I will go back over to China.  I want to be able to converse with these people in their heart language, hear how they think and understand how they speak.  Although Chinese is already taking up much of the time I would normally use to…Continue Reading “Beginning Chinese Again”

Revelation is a fascinating book of the Bible.  As a christian, I find that there is something riveting about the book.  It’s about the world ending, it speaks of the future and of how God will judge us.  It’s incredible to read all that is planned for the earth, even through the obscure writing.  Because of the clouds surrounding the meanings within Revelation, it is the cause of dispute and discussion among Christians and non-believers alike.  Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts of the…Continue Reading “Revelation – Strengthen What Remains”

Creating a visual world such as To the Moon

I have this huge draw right now toward creating a game.  Many plot-lines that are in my head would be best served in the form of a game.  To the Moon is a fantastic example of an indie game that did a marvelous job of telling a story.  I can’t see this game’s story being told in written form, or even in movie form.  The game blends interactive elements with pointing the way for the player to follow the story.  It is these immersive games…Continue Reading “Creating a visual world such as To the Moon”

Okay, my mind is filled with fantasy worlds.  At any moment during a day, I’ll be struck by some mechanic of some story that might combine with another, and another, and another… And then I come up a world.  Sometimes it’s a light world, a colorful place filled with happy people and a happy sort of feel.  Other times it’s a dark place with evil men that prowl around the planet.  Sometimes it’s like our world, with a little good, a little bad, and a…Continue Reading “Fantasy worlds”

I’m into these writing exercises right now.  They are keeping my mind and fingers limber by ensuring that I think through how to describe events that I feel and see.  This is a continuation of my last paragraph.   I push my way off of the train, rubbing shoulders with innumerable people.  The cool fans above the doors rush air past my head as I step onto the concourse.  The heat is sudden and intense.  Although I was stuffy on the train, it doesn’t compare…Continue Reading “Another paragraph”

I stretched my arms.  The air was heavy, almost suffocatingly hot.  The train platform was crowded, making me feel claustrophobic.  I breathed deeply, the sounds of the ever busy city humming in my ears.  I heard a siren in the distance, reminding me of how few sirens I’d heard in the past few weeks.  This was a law abiding society, and the need for police officers was drastically less than it was back home.  A female voice announced the train was approaching, warning everyone to stay…Continue Reading “A short paragraph description”

Contrary to my belief, I was not graced with as much time to write as I assumed.  However, I have many descriptions and stories that I wish to share!  During my month spent in Hong Kong, I walked around a lot.  I thoroughly enjoyed the walking, as it let me see the environment of  China, as well as the people who live there.  Having took two years of Chinese during high school, I was able to communicate with some of them, however, my pronunciation was…Continue Reading “I have returned!”