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OmmWriter – A fantastic writing environment

I recently began looking for a writing environment that would suit my needs.  What I wanted, was a program that would center everything around the text.  It wouldn’t goof around with text sizing, spelling and grammatical errors, or any of the other hindrances that appear whenever I attempt to write with any of the standard programs.  Upon searching the interwebs, I came across OmmWriter.  It’s a program that takes writing back to the essentials.  A simple background with minimalist menus, that focuses the whole of your attention on the words.  It’s much easier for me to concentrate when using an interface like this.

OmmWriter’s minimalist interface is fantastic, and beautiful on any screen.

Now, I’m obviously not going to organize chapters and paragraphs in the perfect way, but for writing up pieces of a story it works fantastically.  I can sit down and type and type and type in a relatively distraction free zone.  OmmWriter even comes with its own soundtrack.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the music at first, but I found it to be quite relaxing.  Nothing was annoying, or out of place about any of several musical options.  My favorite theme has an oceanic sound, as well as what sounds like a crackling fire.  These small additions are very inspirational, as well as helpful when it came to focus.  Overall, I would buy again if necessary, and it would make a great gift to any writer, or to yourself!  You can purchase OmmWriter here for a small donation.  Highly recommended if you haven’t tried it!



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