My obsession with deep characters (and having too many ideas)

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Okay.  So I’ve been progressing fairly well with my attempt at publishing a novelette of some sort.  This is sort of another update, plus some thoughts that I have about characters.

Alright.  Essentially, this is farther than I’ve ever carried a story before.  As this is all new territory for me, things are going a bit slow at times.  However, at other times, I will sit down and write and write and write without a hiccup.  As it is, I’m working on ways to plot out a story, to define a plot.  I’ve never been the greatest at that.  I have a habit of simply sitting down and writing.  I will say, that keeping things in order and in line isn’t so difficult now as it used to be.  I’ve started using a program called yWriter5, which allows me to create a decent outline.  After that, I need only follow along and improvise when needed.  So although I’ve encountered some problems and issues, I’ve managed to work through most of them.

One of these major issues is having too many ideas.  I really do have this issue.  I had an idea before the one I am currently working on.  It was really fantastic.  The world was neat, everything was in my mind.  And then I had another idea.  And another.  So I combined these thoughts, these parts of different worlds and planets, and tried to cramp it all into one story.  Well, shortly thereafter the whole thing sputtered and died.  I flooded the engine, so to speak.  There was simply too much to work with!  I never considered that to be an issue until now.  After that, I started over.  I took a couple of very abstract elements of Dying Light, the recent open-world zombie game, that I thought was interesting, and created my own little world out of it.  As it is, there is almost no connection with Dying Light at all.  In fact, the only things I know about Dying Light is what I have seen from the gameplay trailer.  I’ve created my own world, with elements of some different things, mostly my own thoughts and ideas, and it’s pretty good.  I haven’t added too many things to one world.  It’s not a simple story, by any means.  The deeper you get into the actual book, the more complex the simply ideas become.  I am exploring deeper and deeper into thoughts and characters that seem simple at first, and yet are very complex.

I have several characters that seem stereotypical at first glance.  The more we see though, the more they are the opposite of the stereotype that we have in our minds.  Instead, we get into their heads and see how things are from their perspective.  I’ve always loved to think about characters like this.  One’s that seem a bit lacking at first, but in actuality are completely distraught and complicated on the inside.  I prefer that my characters have, not vices, but ailments that cause their vices.  I don’t think that anyone is innately born with a “vice”, but I think that they develop over time.  Just a thought.  I’ll dig deeper into this when I have time!

Thanks!  Mark

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