My thoughts on audiobooks: Skin Deep by Brandon sanderson

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Skin Deep audiobook review – A Brandon Sanderson story

Several weeks ago, the Skin Deep audiobook was released for free.  Having loved Legion when I read it, I couldn’t wait to read/listen to its sequel.  Now I have very rarely considered purchasing or listening to an audiobook, but this time, I wanted to try it out.  My first thought was that the reader did a fantastic job.  It was all very professional sounding, and the reader held my attention with little difficulty.  What I did discover however, was that I have a hard time listening to someone reading me a book.  Although my attention held, I wasn’t able to remember quite as much as I would have if I had read the book normally.  This is by no means a downfall that could be fixed by the author or reader, it is just how my mind is built.  I honestly can’t remember what happened in the book, or the names of many of the characters.  Although I followed the plot when it was being read, it all promptly left my mind once I moved on to another task.  Because of this, I’m not sure that my mind is cut out for using audiobooks on a normal basis.

Although audiobooks aren’t quite my thing, I do understand the draw for many readers.  For instance, a friend of mine is a chef whom works nights as a chef.  He plays audiobooks while he works, and has no issues whatsoever with recall and understanding.  Anyone whom does things with their hands for extended periods of time are a perfect candidate for taking advantage of the audiobook format.  I, unfortunately, don’t fall underneath those categories as of yet.  This wasn’t a review of Skin Deep, just my thoughts on audiobooks and my inability to remember much of what was read to me.

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