Making my writing grow up

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One thing that I have been thinking on recently is about how differently each writer writes.  Just as no one has the same voice, or uses the same vocabulary, every author has a different way of expressing themselves.  Some veer more toward long sentences and complicated lines of text, while some are very good at short and simple phrases that move the story forward.  I am beginning to find my niche and my way of writing, but I think that it all comes with time.  You only get better by practicing and working towards it.  When a baby is learning how to walk and talk, they aren’t going to walk and talk as for the rest of their lives as they do at first.  They will gradually grow and move forwards as they learn more and more.  The same applies to writing I think.

Although simple writing that gets to the point is one of my favorites, complex and confusing has a certain amount of draw to it.  I feel like I tend to write simple, and get complex very suddenly at certain points in my writing.  As I said before though, I don’t think that writers ever completely get set in their writing style.  I will continue to grow as I writer and person, and that will change what, and how well, I write.  I’ll be sure and post some more short paragraphs this week!

– Mark

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