Greetings and drinks… Again

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The past few days I have been relearning much of what I already knew from taking Chinese in high school.  I have learned many new words as well, and different sentences, so I think that all of what I know about Chinese will blend together nicely with this course.  I’m going over drinks and how to order them right now, which is honestly something huge that you should know if you’re visiting China.  There are fewer English speakers then you would think, and so communicating is difficult if you don’t have a background in Chinese.  With what I knew, I could order some food, or select a meal or drink size, but I wasn’t by any means proficient.  If I had thought to study before going over, then I would have been able to communicate more fluidly with the people.  It is definitely a must to learn the language of the country you are visiting!

So far, learning this Chinese has me itching to go back.  I want to test out what I’ve learned and I want to speak with them.  I’ll have to settle with finding some Chinese around here to talk to, and I’m okay with that.  However, with my newly found words and vocabulary I’m really dying to get out there and start practicing.  I like to talk to people, and knowing that there’s now almost two billion people I can speak to that I couldn’t speak with before is something very exciting!  I’m loving the Chinese courses so far, and I’d forgotten how much I love to learn.

I’m still writing and I’m still here!  Thanks, Mark

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