For Today and War of Ages – heavy concert time!

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For Today, War of Ages, Phinehas and Silent Planet – concert time!

This last Saturday, I had the opportunity to see For Today and War of Ages up in Jacksonville at the Murray Hill Theater.  Unbeknownst to me, this event that I assumed would be about 3 hours long, ended being a festival of sorts that lasted from 12 PM to 11:15 PM.  There were a bunch of local getups, as well as bands with more of a following such as Traitors, Phinehas, and Silent Planet.  Now, when it comes to music, I appreciate everything.  I listen to classical, punk rock, pop and EDM, as well as heavy stuff.  This was by far the heaviest concert that I have attended, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I wasn’t a huge fan of most of the local bands, as they lacked the talent and enthusiasm of the more known artists.  However, the main reason that I am writing this post is to tell you about Silent Planet.

Matty from For Today
Matty from For Today opening up their set with Break the Cycle

I heard well over a dozen bands that day, and Silent Planet stood out to me from the rest.  They may not have had the hype and intensity of For Today, or the roughness of Phinehas and War of Ages, but they had a message.  I understand that all of these other bands are spreading God’s hope, but these guys touched you like no one else did.  They talked about martyrs, God’s word, clinging to him for hope, and crying out for mercy.  I was completely blown away by this.  They were so up front, so pleading and desperate with the crowd, that many of us were moved to tears.  After their set, me and my buddy ran to the back and prayed with their lead singer.  It was a crazy experience, and one that I’m not likely to forget.  Definitely something that I’m going to look back on as a life changer for me.

I absolutely loved the rest of the show as well.  Although it was quite heavy, I love the meanings and the Christ-driven lyrics.  For Today had me going crazy the whole time.  These bands will never know how much I appreciate their work and artistry.  Keep it up!

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