Finding purpose(i.e. happiness) in a world that does it’s best to stop us from finding it(happiness)

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Note: Originally published on my Medium page

  I recently read an awesome article on Medium entitled “Allow yourself to be happy” by Pixelgrade. In the article, the topic of long term goals was brought up. My entire life up until now, I have always considered long term goals to be of the utmost importance. For without an idea for an ending, how will you get a middle, or even a beginning? However, in my desire to be successful, in my desire to be the “best that I can be”, I have lost sight of what life and purpose is about. Life isn’t just getting the one thing that will make you happy, or having enough money to buy whatever you need, or even just being around people you love. I’m in the midst of discovering that life is about joy. We aren’t here to pursue some grand scheme and establish a fortune 500 company. We’re here to follow the path that we feel we should, and to enjoy ourselves on this road. If you cannot enjoy yourself now, then achieving your long term goals will not make you happy.

  We’ve all heard that the purpose of life isn’t to accomplish something and make money. We tell ourselves this, we nod and agree. Then, we go out and buy books about how to start businesses, and how to make millions of dollars. We oftentimes want to be successful more than we want to be happy. The problem is ending up with a society full of unhappy people that are all working toward things that won’t make them any happier.

  Those that are happy being with their family, those that are happy as singles, those that are happy with five dollars in their pocket, those are the people whom are the happiest at the end of their lives.

  Now, there is a balance to this. Being able to set short term goals, make accomplishments, and be motivated, is a skill that has to be learned. The key is to be happy while acquiring this skill. To be happy while you’re driving to Wal-mart. To be happy cleaning your home. To enjoy the things of life.

  Relaxing, realizing that as we work, as we play, we are living the one life that we have been given on this planet. Is not each moment a gift? Is not each minute the most precious commodity that we have? Unhappiness is a waste of time, and of the things that we have been given. Now, this isn’t a story about how to be happy. Personally, I don’t know how to tell you to be happy. This is an article to help you find what happiness is, and discover your purpose.

  I have made a conscious decision to enjoy the things of life. To be happy when I am mowing the yard, to enjoy my breakfast, to find joy in listening to my sisters talking, or to be happy playing with my little brothers. When I began enjoying the things of life and finding that there is as much joy in traveling to a foreign country as there is in cleaning my room, I actually began to feel happy.

  On that note my dear reader, I will go so far as to suggest that our lives, our purpose, might I dare say, is to be happy and joyful people.

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