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Okay, my mind is filled with fantasy worlds.  At any moment during a day, I’ll be struck by some mechanic of some story that might combine with another, and another, and another… And then I come up a world.  Sometimes it’s a light world, a colorful place filled with happy people and a happy sort of feel.  Other times it’s a dark place with evil men that prowl around the planet.  Sometimes it’s like our world, with a little good, a little bad, and a whole lot of in between.  These worlds have been ending up on paper more often then not the past couple of weeks, and I’m anxious to start sharing them!  This is something that I’ve rarely done, as I feel self conscious about sharing them with people.  Keep in mind, they will be very descriptive as I am trying to get down what’s in my head onto the screen.  I’ll begin to develop a story before I quit the world, that way you can all imagine what might happen.  I am planning on creating entire series for each of these worlds, but that will take some time.  With a little love, I think I can coax some pretty amazing stuff out of these worlds.

I’ll get you guys the latest one in the next couple of days!  It’ll be a short read and I’ll explain some of the history that I’ve created.

Thanks – Mark

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