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Okay.  So the past couple of weeks I have been really deep into world building.  There are two things I am going to talk about in this article.  Both of them are very large parts of the world that I have built.  The first, is what one of the main parts of the story are going to revolve around.  The second is also what another part of the story will revolve around, but is of another nature entirely.

First of all, I wanted a world where emotions played a big role.  So I came up with a system that is designed to put emotions as supreme leader of everything.  In this sense, I mean weapons.  This encases guns, knives, and any vehicle that would be used for destruction.  All systems for vehicles are also designed with emotions in mind, so they will shut off when they detect anger, jealousy, and other such emotions.  I have designed out a plot that follows a main character whom is one of the first assassins of this world.  He unknowingly works for an organization that is focused on eliminating top businessmen, world leaders, and those whom have influence over others.  This organization wants to see a new kind of leader, a leader whom is completely impartial to others, and lacks emotions that will invade logical decision making.  The void of emotion is key to winning anything, especially war.   The only normal weapons that remain are those that have been on the black market, or are made illegally.  Because of this, emotionless humans are a very high commodity.  So much so, that most of them are taken by the government after they are trained.  Some humans do lack certain emotions, but only a few are actually emotionless.  One of the few truly emotionless humans has been trained by this corporation.  Truly emotionless, means that any weapon can be used without hesitation, and there is no mission that the assassin will turn down.  Training a human like this is very difficult, and this organization believes that they have discovered the answer.

That is really the first major change that I have made to a future earth.  The second is the ecosystem and the way that cities are built.  This idea isn’t fully fleshed out, yet it does have a very complex base.

Essentially, nuclear plants were built too soon.  They weren’t able to sustain themselves, and too many parts of the plant failed to do their job.  This failure resulted in multitudes of plants basically disintegrating and exploding, leaving nuclear waste to pollute and destroy whole cities and countries.  After several weeks many cities were destroyed by nuclear waste and made uninhabitable.  This output of nuclear waste also began to pollute the atmosphere, creating a dire need for a new way to obtain clean air.  Although hastily built shelters were created, they were a very temporary solution.  The real problem was the lack of space.  In just two weeks, the amount of livable space had shrunk by more than 50%.  Japan, much of Australia, Korea, Europe, and many other countries became death zones for human beings.  With the sudden dire need of living quarters and clean air, scientists sped up the process of creating green environments.  Although it took several months, artificial trees to generate clean air were created.  The inside of these trees were massive and hollow, some of them more than thirty yards in diameter.  By building them on top of the already existing cities, the amount of livable space increased a hundredfold.  These intricately made living quarters have transformed most of the inhabited parts of the planet into a jungle-like modern high tech ecosystem that runs solely off off of the sun.

Since millions and millions died, leaving half of the Earth’s population dead, war was banned.  Therefore, the new weapons were created that can be run solely by those without harmful emotions.


Although this is very rough, it defines several of the ideas that I have put together for this world.  A mini-series, with episodes lasting around 5,000-6,000 words is what I am working on right now.  I am nearing completion of the plot outline, and have started work on the first episode.  This is essentially an update, and very grey around the edges, so I’m sure that mistakes and paradoxes exist right now.  If there are any obvious holes in any of this, please comment or let me know!  Thanks,



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