Creating a visual world such as To the Moon

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I have this huge draw right now toward creating a game.  Many plot-lines that are in my head would be best served in the form of a game.  To the Moon is a fantastic example of an indie game that did a marvelous job of telling a story.  I can’t see this game’s story being told in written form, or even in movie form.  The

to the moon
Artwork from To the Moon

game blends interactive elements with pointing the way for the player to follow the story.  It is these immersive games that tend to spark the players imagination as well as kindle a whole slew of emotions that are impossible through any other means of entertainment.  You can present moral dilemmas and give players a choice in the matter, making them feel responsible for the course of the story.  Feeling guilt while playing a game can be more powerful than feeling guilt while reading a book or watching a movie.  Although I’m not by any means good at game design, I am planning on writing the plot for an indie game and submitting it to a company.  I believe that if the game’s story is provocative and fascinating, I could garner enough attention.  However, if I receive no communication about it, I will progress with building my own game.  I truly believe that the game industry doesn’t have enough of what I have to offer, and that is quality stories told within a game.

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