DayZ, and why I can’t kill

DayZ’s moral dilemma Several months ago, I read an article about DayZ written by Ryan Rigney from Wired entitled “Why Online Games Make Players Act Like Psycopaths“.  At the time, I thought that the article was completely nonsensical and written by some anti-gun, anti-violence activist.  In the article, Ryan says that a psychopath is someone without a conscience.  He goes on to say that players are acting like psychopaths within the game, that they act as if they have no conscience.  If a player is acting that…Continue Reading “DayZ, and why I can’t kill”

Character Overview: Shallan Davar (Stormlight Archive)

Shallan Davar. As I read once more through Shallan’s part in the Stormlight Archive, I am able to further study her nuances and characteristics as a main player in the plot.  She is much more than the actor of an important role.  She isn’t put into the story for filler, or to be used and killed in some non-momentous scene.  She has real personality, and real problems.  She struggles with doubting of herself.  She has emotional turmoil from an abusive father and lack of a mother….Continue Reading “Character Overview: Shallan Davar (Stormlight Archive)”

Promise of Blood (Monday Review, kinda) I have rarely read a book with such a unique magic system.  It rivals Brandon Sanderson’s allomancy and stormlight.  Promise of Blood has a great premise.  Okay, so the premise is just about all I’ve read so far, but I’m loving it (I’ll update this post when I actually finish reading the book). Brian McClellan seems to have gotten a great start for what will hopefully be a long and successful writing career.  He gets straight to the point,…Continue Reading “Gunpowder and Magic: Promise of Blood (Monday Review)”

Bucket List I have a lotta things I wanna do in the next few years.  I kinda made it into a bucket list that I want to share with you all.  I don’t know how long its going to take, but I am planning on being able to travel and support myself at the same time.  I am planning on attending welding school next year so that I can broaden my field of view, and possibly get certified for cyber security after that. Anyway, here…Continue Reading “Mark’s Life and Thoughts: Bucket List”

Why Did the Edge Chronicles Need Saving? Well, aside from the odd races and neat world, it all felt cliche.  Not cliche, as in overused, but cliche as in, I feel like this could be done by anyone.  And essentially, the answer is yes.  Just about anyone can make up names and characters.  The story lines are great.  I found myself captivated beyond what should be healthy.  I would dream of the books, lay in my bed for hours and think of them, and wish…Continue Reading “Why Illustrations Make Everything Better: The Edge Chronicles”