Note: Originally published on my Medium page   I recently read an awesome article on Medium entitled “Allow yourself to be happy” by Pixelgrade. In the article, the topic of long term goals was brought up. My entire life up until now, I have always considered long term goals to be of the utmost importance. For without an idea for an ending, how will you get a middle, or even a beginning? However, in my desire to be successful, in my desire to be the…Continue Reading “Finding purpose(i.e. happiness) in a world that does it’s best to stop us from finding it(happiness)”

Note: Originally published on Medium on the Be Yourself publication.   I recently turned nineteen. I was living in China at the time. Because I was studying a foreign language, I was constantly meeting new people and going over the same information. E.g., name, country of origin, age, family members, reason for being in China, etc. I hadn’t thought about my age much before my twentieth birthday. It was just a number, just something else to tell people. I would get my share of oohs…Continue Reading “The Threshold of Twenty (or my experience of being pulled towards something I’m not)”

Motivation. It seems that every time I open up an article about art, writing, or learning, the topic of motivation is one of the key things that are mentioned. People discuss it, people give advice about how to get motivation, and about how to achieve things when you are motivated, and about how to keep your motivation. Yes, motivation is important.  I would go so far as to say that motivation is the key to success! If you don’t have motivation, you’re not going to…Continue Reading “Motivation: The most overused word in the artistic world, and how to obtain “it””

Note: I am starting over with a new look to the blog, and a new focus.  I have been living in China for the past six months, studying Mandarin and teaching English.  I haven’t been able to write any updates here on this site, but I have been keeping a personal journal to track the events of the past few months.  I will share the details of my trip in the next few weeks.  I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom the past few…Continue Reading “Changes and Tough Times”

I recently went through my collection of stories, and I found one that I absolutely loved.  I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t worked with it more than I have.  Here it is, slightly edited, and slightly revised from the original version.  I’m calling it “The Scratch”!       The day the sky broke was barely worth remembering.  Nothing changed in the way we lived, and the way we did things.  We still had light.  Our days were dimmer, and our nights were brighter….Continue Reading “The Scratch”

Big news!  I am heading back to China as of September 1st.  I will be there for three weeks, and I’ve got some huge plans for those three weeks!  I’ll be writing as much as possible, blogging and finishing up stories.  I’m praying that being in a different country and writing may give me the inspiration and creativity boost that I’ve been needing.  I will also be working very hard on my Mandarin throughout those three weeks.  I’ll be constantly around the language, and I’m…Continue Reading “Back to China”

One thing that I have been thinking on recently is about how differently each writer writes.  Just as no one has the same voice, or uses the same vocabulary, every author has a different way of expressing themselves.  Some veer more toward long sentences and complicated lines of text, while some are very good at short and simple phrases that move the story forward.  I am beginning to find my niche and my way of writing, but I think that it all comes with time….Continue Reading “Making my writing grow up”

  Drossifer Soggraggan was having a bad day.  Not that he believed that one particular day could be entirely bad of course, but if there was a bad day to be had, today was the day.  One of his bears had broken free if its cage and entered a noblewoman’s carriage not one minute after he had opened that morning.  Shortly after the ordeal was sorted, a masked man had barged into his shop, gun in hand, and lifted nearly one thousand snogins from Soggraggan’s…Continue Reading “Writing Drills: Another paragraph!”

The past couple of weeks I’ve begun work on a high/dark fantasy story.  I have had the idea in my head for a little over a year now, but I had yet to begin fleshing it out until recently.  I’ve done some work on worlds such as this before, but not enough that I was worried about the names of characters, places, and beings in the world.  I can’t simply give everything names that we are familiar with, as that takes away from the mystery…Continue Reading “Placing inhabitants and names in a fantasy world”

In between working and studying Chinese, I’m trying to keep up my writing.  While I was writing this afternoon, I noticed that I have yet to actually share something of quality that I have written.  So here is something I wrote the other day, just exploring some different ways of saying things, different ways of writing out fantasy and some stuff I’d never tried before.  Although it’s a bit rough around the edge, it is along the lines of what I prefer to write and…Continue Reading “Afternoons of writing”