Note: Originally published on my Medium page   I recently read an awesome article on Medium entitled “Allow yourself to be happy” by Pixelgrade. In the article, the topic of long term goals was brought up. My entire life up until now, I have always considered long term goals to be of the utmost importance. For without an idea for an ending, how will you get a middle, or even a beginning? However, in my desire to be successful, in my desire to be the…Continue Reading “Finding purpose(i.e. happiness) in a world that does it’s best to stop us from finding it(happiness)”

Note: Originally published on Medium on the Be Yourself publication.   I recently turned nineteen. I was living in China at the time. Because I was studying a foreign language, I was constantly meeting new people and going over the same information. E.g., name, country of origin, age, family members, reason for being in China, etc. I hadn’t thought about my age much before my twentieth birthday. It was just a number, just something else to tell people. I would get my share of oohs…Continue Reading “The Threshold of Twenty (or my experience of being pulled towards something I’m not)”

One thing that I have been thinking on recently is about how differently each writer writes.  Just as no one has the same voice, or uses the same vocabulary, every author has a different way of expressing themselves.  Some veer more toward long sentences and complicated lines of text, while some are very good at short and simple phrases that move the story forward.  I am beginning to find my niche and my way of writing, but I think that it all comes with time….Continue Reading “Making my writing grow up”

So no less than fifteen minutes ago, I came up with what I have deemed a good ending to my first story.  Well, a “good ending” may be too strong, but it is an ending nevertheless.  I’ve struggled the past week or so with rounding it out, and I’ve been working on this specific story now for about two months.  Given that it is my first ever attempt and I actually haven’t spent tons and tons of time on it, I believe that this rough…Continue Reading “Finishing a story… Why endings?”

Skin Deep audiobook review – A Brandon Sanderson story Several weeks ago, the Skin Deep audiobook was released for free.  Having loved Legion when I read it, I couldn’t wait to read/listen to its sequel.  Now I have very rarely considered purchasing or listening to an audiobook, but this time, I wanted to try it out.  My first thought was that the reader did a fantastic job.  It was all very professional sounding, and the reader held my attention with little difficulty.  What I did…Continue Reading “My thoughts on audiobooks: Skin Deep by Brandon sanderson”

I believe that we need to be reminded of what our freedom costs. I really do.  Having just finished Saving Private Ryan, I decided I have several thoughts that I wanted to share.  The first of which, is that I bawled.  I really did.  For the first time in months, I completely broke down.  It wasn’t even necessarily because the movie was sad, but because of how much that the generation of WWII gave for us.  The horrors they experienced, their bravery, their iron will….Continue Reading “Saving Private Ryan”

Why so many goodbyes? (The Last Goodbye: The Hobbit)

The Middle-Earth journey is almost over Here are my thoughts upon listening to The Last Goodbye, sung by the actor whom played Pippin in the original trilogy.  The song was written for the ending credits of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.  You can listen to the song here if you haven’t heard it already.  These are my feelings after just hearing the song, and then listening to it repeatedly for over an hour. The whole Lord of the Rings journey is almost over.  More…Continue Reading “Why so many goodbyes? (The Last Goodbye: The Hobbit)”

I kinda like the Stormlight Archive… Okay, so I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson.  And I love the Stormlight Archive.  I know that’s a bit obvious, but I really do.  And as such, I love to think about the different nuances of Sanderson’s worlds.  One huge part of the social structure in the Stormlight Archive is eye color.  Lighteyes being the nobility, and darkeyes being of the lower class would actually make sense. The idea of eye color determining your social status really isn’t…Continue Reading “Eye Color = Social Status? (A Stormlight Archive Post)”

Story Idea: Part 1

Thursday Episodes: (Note: I am going to be exploring plot lines and such on Thursdays for the next month or so.  I’ll take a plot line idea that I had that week, and simply draw the idea here on the blog.) Alright.  So I was taking a basic driver improvement course last night, when I had a sudden thought.  One elderly lady in the front stood, and said her name and why she was there.  For no reason whatsoever, I was thinking, I know that…Continue Reading “Story Idea: Part 1”

Alfred Hitchcock Study: Update 1 I am slightly behind on my study, however, I have a great start.  Writing suspense is more difficult than I previously was expecting.  Knowing what words to use, when to pull the killer line and the twist ending isn’t as simple as I had hoped it would be last week. Although it has been a bumpy ride so far, it can only go up!  I have designed a story in my mind, and have it outlined.  I love the ending,…Continue Reading “Alfred Hitchcock Study: Part 1”