So no less than fifteen minutes ago, I came up with what I have deemed a good ending to my first story.  Well, a “good ending” may be too strong, but it is an ending nevertheless.  I’ve struggled the past week or so with rounding it out, and I’ve been working on this specific story now for about two months.  Given that it is my first ever attempt and I actually haven’t spent tons and tons of time on it, I believe that this rough…Continue Reading “Finishing a story… Why endings?”

Better focus Hello again!  It’s been a while!  I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes, and a lot of brainstorming in the past couple of weeks.  I actually wrote several posts, and simply didn’t post them as I didn’t feel like they would be relevant to the site.  As my title says, I am going to move in a new direction over the next few weeks.  We are moving over to a better look, as well as new posts and categories.  I’m working on…Continue Reading “New direction”

I kinda like the Stormlight Archive… Okay, so I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson.  And I love the Stormlight Archive.  I know that’s a bit obvious, but I really do.  And as such, I love to think about the different nuances of Sanderson’s worlds.  One huge part of the social structure in the Stormlight Archive is eye color.  Lighteyes being the nobility, and darkeyes being of the lower class would actually make sense. The idea of eye color determining your social status really isn’t…Continue Reading “Eye Color = Social Status? (A Stormlight Archive Post)”

Hello all!  I have been off the grid for the past week at TeenPact Survival, a leadership training camp that Liberty University sponsors.  We weren’t allowed to have any technology at the camp so I have been unable to post or keep up to date with the “goings on” of the world.  However, as of today, I am back to posting and reviewing!  I have a few character analysis posts I want to complete this week, as well as a couple new books that I…Continue Reading “Finally back!”

The Kill Order is a solid prequel Honestly, I loved the Kill Order.  It was a prequel.  Kinda.  I mean, it wasn’t necessarily a “prequel” where we find out what happens to the characters before the Maze and such, but nevertheless, it is a prequel.  The Kill Order gives us a look into what life was like after the solar waves and before the Flare. James Dashner managed to write an action packed apocalyptic book that had me flipping pages faster than many other thrillers….Continue Reading “My Thoughts on The Kill Order (A James Dashner review)”

Story Idea: Part 1

Thursday Episodes: (Note: I am going to be exploring plot lines and such on Thursdays for the next month or so.  I’ll take a plot line idea that I had that week, and simply draw the idea here on the blog.) Alright.  So I was taking a basic driver improvement course last night, when I had a sudden thought.  One elderly lady in the front stood, and said her name and why she was there.  For no reason whatsoever, I was thinking, I know that…Continue Reading “Story Idea: Part 1”