Okay, so by now you probably all know that I love Brandon Sanderson.  I was a huge fan of his first novel in The Reckoners series Steelheart, and I had to read the sequel.  So I recently purchased his novel Firefight via Kindle-eBook format, and read it promptly thereafter.  On a side note, it was an awesome way to start off my reading year!  I’ve been super busy, and I’ve gone from reading the usual 5-25 books a month to reading only when I get…Continue Reading “Firefight (Another Brandon Sanderson review)”

I kinda like the Stormlight Archive… Okay, so I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson.  And I love the Stormlight Archive.  I know that’s a bit obvious, but I really do.  And as such, I love to think about the different nuances of Sanderson’s worlds.  One huge part of the social structure in the Stormlight Archive is eye color.  Lighteyes being the nobility, and darkeyes being of the lower class would actually make sense. The idea of eye color determining your social status really isn’t…Continue Reading “Eye Color = Social Status? (A Stormlight Archive Post)”

Sanderson’s Legion When I discovered Brandon Sanderson several months back, I went on a reading spree.  I really did.  I don’t think I put down reading until I finished all of his books.  It took me about a month, but I read all of his material (except for Warbreaker, haven’t made it to that one yet).  I even read his short stories. And then the other day I picked up Legion again.  Sanderson’s novella about a man with hallucinations, or aspects as they are called…Continue Reading “Legion: A vast host, multitude, or number of people or things”

Brandon Sanderson’s Crazy Amazing Hero: Kaladin Stormblessed

Kaladin’s Strength… (Brandon Sanderson: Stormlight Archive Spoilers) Kaladin has internal struggles.  He bonds with his men.  He lays his life on the line.  Kaladin Stormblessed.  After two very long and very enjoyable novels, we all still love him.  Brandon Sanderson completely mastered the art of world building and character building, and it shows. He puts Kaladin through so many hard times.  I think that when Stormblessed first won my heart, was when he survived the Great Storm.  Sure, he had been through hard times for…Continue Reading “Brandon Sanderson’s Crazy Amazing Hero: Kaladin Stormblessed”