Alfred Hitchcock Study: Update 1 I am slightly behind on my study, however, I have a great start.  Writing suspense is more difficult than I previously was expecting.  Knowing what words to use, when to pull the killer line and the twist ending isn’t as simple as I had hoped it would be last week. Although it has been a bumpy ride so far, it can only go up!  I have designed a story in my mind, and have it outlined.  I love the ending,…Continue Reading “Alfred Hitchcock Study: Part 1”

Alfred Hitchcock Presents… In written form? I have recently been watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix.  All 133 episodes.  I can’t get enough of them!  The show “presents” me with mysteries, confusing circumstances, gritty material, and incredibly thought provoking themes.  It’s deep.  This isn’t your run of the mill television show.  This requires effort and talent.  The kind of talent that many producers and directors lack.  I have to say, there are only a few movies and shows that I have seen in recent years…Continue Reading “Why Alfred Hitchcock Presents is still incredibly thrilling”