Beginning Chinese Again

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So as of this week, I am back to studying Chinese.  I’m using the Rocket Chinese courses, as they seem to be the best for what I need.  Once I feel that I am much more sufficient in the language, I will go back over to China.  I want to be able to converse with these people in their heart language, hear how they think and understand how they speak.  Although Chinese is already taking up much of the time I would normally use to write, I am still smoothing out my schedule to accommodate writing stories and studying Chinese.

I have many new stories that I am working on, and dozens of smaller ideas that are just a few words on a page.  I’ll keep fleshing these out while I study and work.  I can do nothing but get better at what I am doing, and so there’s no point in quitting!  You only fall behind once you quit, and stopping isn’t really an option.  In order to keep up my writing as well as my Chinese, I will update at least once a week with what I have been learning from Chinese, and I can also use this as a kind of database to get an overview of what I learned throughout that week.

I feel like this blog as become more and more about me as time goes on, and yet you seem to only get bits and pieces of what I do.  I’ll work to improve all of this as things progress, but worry not, I’m sticking with this!  Lots of ideas are in my head, and I’ve got to have some way to get them out!  This is an awesome outlet for that, and I can’t wait to keep sharing with you all!

Thank you!!  Mark

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