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Big news!  I am heading back to China as of September 1st.  I will be there for three weeks, and I’ve got some huge plans for those three weeks!  I’ll be writing as much as possible, blogging and finishing up stories.  I’m praying that being in a different country and writing may give me the inspiration and creativity boost that I’ve been needing.  I will also be working very hard on my Mandarin throughout those three weeks.  I’ll be constantly around the language, and I’m hoping to explore a bit more than I did last time.

I’ll be more open to short journeys, as my mandarin is much stronger than it was earlier this year.  Along with writing, I will be studying mandarin online when I am at my apartment.  I’m praying that God will open some doors, or show me what lies ahead.  There’s a lot going on, and lot up in the air right now.  At times, it feels like writing has taken a back seat the last few weeks, but it is something that is constantly on my mind and heart.  I’ll be attempting to get back into it with the fervor that I’ve had.  I really want to have something published on Amazon before the end of the year, whether it be a short story or a novelette, I’d like it to be out there.

I am also looking at possible moving to China and working for several months, immersing myself in the language and culture of China.  Plans for the future are quite vague, but I think that they are going to come together in the next few months.

Thanks for sticking with me through everything, and Lord willing things will begin to fall into place!

Thanks – Mark

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