I’m a 20 year old writer, reader, philosopher, entrepreneur, and linguist.  I’ve been writing since I was 13 and I have no plans of stopping.  My dream is to be able to be a part of many different cultures in order to better understand the way that people think and the reasons why people do things.  I’ve always loved to tell stories, and even though I may procrastinate a bit, writing is still my end goal.  I have several steps that I am going to have to complete before arriving at my “destination”, but my ideas and dreams a very reachable.  With enough dedication and imagination, there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished.  I mean, obviously, I’m not going to be able to fly using my arms, no matter how much I dedicate myself.  However, every exception proves the rule.  Eventually, I hope to be able to use this website as a launching pad for my official authors site, and a way for me to promote my work.

At the moment I am mostly on Medium, so be sure and check out my Medium page and give me a follow and a share!  The best way to grow my audience is through word of mouth and Facebook shares! Thank you for the read, I can’t thank you all enough for your support!

– Mark