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I stretched my arms.  The air was heavy, almost suffocatingly hot.  The train platform was crowded, making me feel claustrophobic.  I breathed deeply, the sounds of the ever busy city humming in my ears.  I heard a siren in the distance, reminding me of how few sirens I’d heard in the past few weeks.  This was a law abiding society, and the need for police officers was drastically less than it was back home.  A female voice announced the train was approaching, warning everyone to stay back.  The mass of people swayed slightly as the train rocketed its way into the station, slowing slightly until it jolted to a halt.  The doors began to open, hesitating for a moment before zipping open, as if it had to gather its courage to receive the large crowds into its cool, air conditioned arms.  I pushed my way forward, the line of people leaving the train was small compared to those boarding.  People crammed and pushed, shoving their way into the air conditioned interior.  I made it on, balancing on the edge of the crowd, leaning into several other passengers as the train doors beeped a warning before slamming shut.  I leaned back against the door, resting my head on a red sign prohibiting touching the doors.  A moment later, the train accelerated, carrying its silent cargo.  A few teens talked loudly in one part of the car.  A babies cry echoed through the cars from farther down the train.  The dull roar of rushing air was momentarily magnified as we whooshed past another train.  Moments later, it was past.  Everyone looks away, avoiding making eye contact with anyone else.  We reach the next station, some of us filing out, while more cram in.  Those of us staying step back, leaving more room for those boarding.  A man wearing a suit and tie sprinted for the train, the doors shutting before he reached the doors.  The train pulled off without heed to the man, advancing as it would run for the remainder of the day.



Sorry for the incorrect grammar, but I’m attempting to write something differently here.  I am merely working on describing scenarios that I’ve never had to describe before, and so the grammar isn’t quite as important to me at this point!

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